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Family History

Henry Gaines and Mary Clady Gaines’
Fourth child was George Wilford Gaines, Sr.

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George Wilford Gaines, Sr.

George Wilford Gaines, Sr. married Rebecca Gallon and they begot six children.
Those children were:

  1. Samuel Gaines: Samuel Gaines married Dunchie(Lessie) and they had one child (Thelma Manning).

  2. Georgia Lee Gaines: Georgia Lee married Charlie Thomas and they begot one child (Johnnie Mae).

  3. Pearlie Gaines: Pearlie Gaines married Joe Harris and they begot eight children.

  4. Sarah Gaines: Sarah Gaines married Elmore Jones and they had no children.

  5. Oscar (Boy) Gaines: Oscar Gaines begot one child.

  6. Butte Gaines: Butte Gaines never married and had no children.

George Wilford Gaines, Sr. married Katie Idalla Chatman and they begot four children. 
Those children were:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Gaines - died at 4 days old

  2. Thelma Elizabeth Gaines: Thelma E. Gaines married Freeman Lawrence and they had no children.

  3. George Wilford Gaines, Jr.: George Wilford Gaines, Jr. and Melinda Porter begot (Dorothy Theresa Gaines).

  4. Dorothy Theresa Gaines: Dorothy Theresa Gaines married Harold Brown and begot 5 children ​(Dorothea, Tamara, Lucinda, Sarina, and Diana)


George Wilford Gaines, Jr. married Mary Raines and they begot three children.  (Saundra Marianne Gaines, George W. Gaines, III and a son that died as infant).

  1. Saundra Marianne Gaines: Saundra Marianne Gaines married Victor Elion and they begot two Children (Kimberly Elion and Michael Elion).
    *Kimberly Elion: Kimberly Elion married Eric Easterling and they begot one Child (Katlen Easterling).
    *Michael Elion - has no children.  

  2. George Wilford Gaines, III - had no children.


Matthew Natheria Gaines, Sr.

Matthew Natheria Gaines, Sr. begot Annie Deloris Gaines

Matthew Natheria Gaines, Sr. married Wilhelmenia Gammons and they begot two Children (Matthew N. Gaines, Jr. & Barbara Ann Gaines).

  1. Matthew Natheria Gaines, Jr.: Matthew Natheria Gaines, Jr. married Alloydice Terry and they begot three Children (Vardyce Natheria Gaines, Ryndrick Jaron Gaines and Javonda Katretta Gaines).
    *Vardyce Natheria Gaines: Vardyce Natheria Gaines married Lori Rollins and they begot two children (Zarryen Natheria Gaines & Gabrielle Amor Gaines).
    *Ryndrick Jaron Gaines & Jessica Swatts - begot one child (Sanai Amere Gaines).
    *JaVonda Katretta Gaines - has no children

  2. Barbara Ann Gaines - has no children  

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